An overview to Lighthouse
Lighthouse is a perpetual file storage protocol that allows you to pay once for your files and store them forever. While traditionally, users need to recurrently keep track and pay for the file storage after every fixed interval of time, Lighthouse manages this for them. It makes sure that user files are stored forever.
The aim is to move users from a rent-based cost model where they rent their files on cloud storage to a perpetual storage model. It is built on top of IPFS and Filecoin, with smart contracts to be deployed on multiple chains like Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, FVM, etc.
It uses the miner network and storage capacity of the filecoin network and IPFS content-addressing system.

How are we different from existing storage systems?

  • Perpetual Storage - Pay once and store forever cost model is a pretty new storage cost model which is different from existing protocols offering recurrent payment options
  • Encryption and Private data - Ability to store private and encrypted data without the hassle of managing private key of the file and build token-gated applications using Smart Contracts on any chain.
  • Dedicated custom IPFS Gateway - This gateway serves and retrieves your files quickly. It even delivers multimedia content like 4k videos with speed.
  • Pay using any token - Smart contracts run on popular EVM-based chains like ethereum, polygon, optimism, bsc, etc. hence direct integration with dapps of these ecosystems. Users can pay for storage via any token on the chain of their choice and get verifiable proof. Supporting Non-EVM-based chains like Solana as well.
  • Image Optimization - Users can set the height and width of files when retrieving images from the IPFS and get image thumbnails, etc saving a lot of bandwidth and optimizing images to any size
  • Lower fee - Our mechanism involves staking, accruing fees, and interest on the storage cost paid by the user, leading to a lower fee than the current alternatives like Arweave.
  • Verifiable storage - Provides users with verifiable storage proofs to know which miners are storing your data.
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