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Quick Start

In this section, we will see how to
  1. 1.
    ​Create an API Key​
  2. 2.
    ​Upload a file​
  3. 3.
    ​View the file​
  4. 4.
    ​Get Filecoin deals​
This guidance is in Nodejs, but in case you are using any other language, refer to the how-to section to get APIs that can be called directly.

Create an API Key

1. Login into files Dapp 2. Go to the API key section and generate the key
You can also generate the API key from CLI

Upload File

1. Install the lighthouse package in your Node application 2. Run the following script
import lighthouse from '@lighthouse-web3/sdk'
const apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE';
const uploadResponse = await lighthouse.upload(
You will get a response like this once file is successfully uploaded:
data: {
Name: 'wow.jpg',
Hash: 'QmUHDKv3NNL1mrg4NTW4WwJqetzwZbGNitdjr2G6Z5Xe6s',
Size: '31735'

View File

Get Filecoin Deal

The Filecoin deal can take up to 2 days to show up once the file is uploaded. To get Filecoin deal use the following function of the SDK
const status = await lighthouse.dealStatus('bafkreia4ruswe7ghckleh3lmpujo5asrnd7hrtu5r23zjk2robpcoend34')
The response will look like this
data: [
"endEpoch": 4490732,
"chainDealID": 45796363,
"publishCID": "bafy2bzacec2v6bahuatbgxeocrym6vwduzovopwtairtvcipzj6q6jvq3pmti",
"storageProvider": "f02620",
"dealStatus": "Sealing: PreCommit1",
"dealUUID": "e8ad77c7-0801-4076-80b8-bdabff95cb7b",
"startEpoch": 3035532,
"aggregateIn": "b231aeed-59a8-4586-9bf9-e45679895e8f",
"providerCollateral": "10.282 mFIL",
"lastUpdate": 1676160004130,
"pieceCID": "baga6ea4seaqhtz4xcs5d3yrf6hivxp7dbcqg6dwqqojez5ztcq7mycngigptsoy",
"payloadCid": "bafybeiefcsn6rwyswdlf6mmknaq3kncuee6mwfx7fy4qea7msl2zngnaia",
"pieceSize": 34359738368,
"carFileSize": 34091302912,
"dealId": 45796363,
"miner": "f02620",
"content": 31721

Verify Filecoin Deal

Lighthouse aggregates files uploaded by multiple users into a 32GB CAR file and stores this CAR with a storage provider. To verify that your file was part of the Filecoin deal, you can use the PODSI verification. Refer to the Filecoin Virtual Machine section for more details.