Follow the given code example, in the case of JSON use Stringify

import lighthouse from '@lighthouse-web3/sdk'

const text = "Sometimes, I Wish I Was A Cloud, Just Floating Along"
const apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
const name = "shikamaru" //Optional

const response = await lighthouse.uploadText(text, apiKey, name)

// Sample response
  data: {
    Name: 'shikamaru',
    Hash: 'QmY77L7JzF8E7Rio4XboEpXL2kTZnW2oBFdzm6c53g5ay8',
    Size: '91'

Note: The name parameter is optional, it's just used to give a name to text that will appear in the response, if not provided Name parameter in the response will be the same as Hash.

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