🔒Upload Encrypted Data

IPFS is a public network imply files uploaded to the IPFS network can be viewed by anyone around the world. To secure your file over a public network user can encrypt the file. This section explains how to upload a file and text using encryption.

Kavach is the Encryption SDK created by the Lighthouse team that allows you to build your trustless, decentralized, and fault-tolerant Applications using distributed key shards with threshold cryptography.

Lighthouse SDK already uses the Kavach Encryption SDK underneath, so developers can directly refer to encryption and access control code examples to store private data on IPFS and build token-gated applications.


  • Randomized key shard generation

  • Shard Key support for privateKey and other security keys

  • Key Reconstruction from shards

  • Fully typed, support in TypeScript

  • Stores shards on Lighthouse Encryption Key storage(Optional 5 nodes)



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