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Self Hosted RaaS

Alternatively, developers can also self-host their own RaaS (Repair, Replication, Renewal worker).
A user deploys a smart contract that inherits from IAggregatorOracle.sol (refer here) which allows them to rely on their own contract deployment to submit and complete data deals.

Interacting with the Smart Contracts

Start an instance of the self-hosted RaaS by deploying a contract that inherits from IAggregatorOracle (yarn deploy in the RaaS Starter Kit)
The RaaS Starter Kit comes with a frontend that allows you to upload your file to Lighthouse, get a CID for the uploaded file, then seamlessly submit the CID to the smart contract (accessible via yarn start).
RaaS Starter Kit Frontend
If you're hosting your own RaaS service (specifically, the one in the RaaS Starter Kit), there's an event listener inside that you can use to listen for new deal requests.
To use this, do yarn service in the terminal and proceed through the frontend as you normally would - uploading any random file and then registering the workers using the autocompleted CID that appears in the box.
If you want to register the workers manually for a job that you didn't upload, simply paste in the known CID of your file and register the jobs anyway. Hosting your own Raas would give you freedom to configure many specs along with using different aggregator as well.
For more information on self-hosting RaaS, check out the RaaS Starter Kit README.